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“Words don’t teach. Words can open the door of awareness and inspire you to act. Yet personal experience is always your best teacher. Those who see real shifts in any area of life do it because experience teaches.”

                                                                                David Breslow


Do you want to

  • Double your CONFIDENCE?

  • Reduce FEAR by 70%?

  • Increase your daily PERFORMANCE by 30%?

  • Reduce STRESS by 40% or more?

GREAT! Let’s DO IT it shall we?


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JUST 21 SHORT DAYS FROM TODAY…3 things will be true that are not true now. 

1.  New Choices Will Change The Direction of  Your Life-All change begins with awareness. With Wired to Win™–you are not JUST aware…you make new choices right away–choices you never thought you could make due to your old blocks.

2.  Confidence–exudes from you as you become more definitive in your choices and in yourself! Fear and self-doubt fade as your energy builds.

3.  Focus–You know what to focus on and why. You begin producing more powerful and consistent results in your life in whatever area is most important to you and you are more flexible in mind, body and emotions!



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1. You get clear and go for your dream WITHOUT worrying about what others think

2. The money to get the house or car or vacation or whatever you REALLY want is there for you

3. You said “YES” to new relationships that strengthen each other in a loving/committed way

4. Confidence, self esteem. greater energy and a new sense of self propels you each day

5.  You stopped wasting time/energy/money “working on” improving the parts of yourself that already aren’t working for you!!!!!! (by the way–THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON PEOPLE ARE STUCK)

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Now do you get it? THIS is the Wired to Win™ difference!

Wired to Win™ puts an end to

Sporadic results from tips whose affect just don’t last

Frustrating theories that don’t work for you in real life

Taking too long to see real results

“…from Zero to Hero…”

“Thanks for coming into my life David,  since I worked with you things started shifting from Zero to Hero, David, you helped me build a client base in one month that I never seemed to realize during 6 years!! I was clogged and losing a lot of energy. Now I am more conscious and have more energy, money, clients, success and promising relationship:-)) so if you’re wondering if you should call David, what are you waiting for my friend? is money an issue? well I looked at it as an investment and not as an expense and I made already 5 times the money that I put in!!! and it’s not finished yet!!! Give David a call now and really transform your life or stay where you are and complain!”       Sami Fakhreddine

It’s true–and I will prove it to you. So take advantage right now…a free 30 minute consult is yours…

Before you contact me–answer these two questions:

Name ONE experience you are tired of having in your life? (i.e. frustration, low confidence, overwhelm, stress, fear, self-doubt, procrastination, etc.)

Name ONE experience you want to enjoy more often STARTING TOMORROW?


I have an answer for you. Join me for the free consult.




In life you are either strengthening yourself or weakening yourself. Wired to Win teaches you how to strengthen yourself and speed up the achievement of any of  your dreams!




BY WAKING YOU UP and stop the endless cycle of excuses, rationalizations and explanations for why your life is the way it is


Let me prove it to you–and offer you an immediately usable solution to apply in your life — for FREE.


“Thank you for the free session. I could’t believe it. In one short phone call you gave me one insight that entirely shifted how I looked at my life. You were right–like many others–I had no idea why you were so different from the many books and seminars I’ve done in the past but you are!  Thank you David!


G. H. Lawrence


 See for yourself what all the fuss is about.




Let anxiety and fear stop you


Have unfulfilled dreams




Use excuses to keep you stuck


Focus on current conditions to keep you stuck


Allow poor beliefs and thought patterns to keep you stuck




It’s frustrating AND unnecessary.


We won’t help you cope better with the problems in your life. Coping Leads To Mediocrity…here’s the proof


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Now do you see why coping skills don’t STRENGTHEN you?

I’ve got a secret to  tell you…

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Many people want to improve their lives in some way yet are cynical and frustrated WITH GOOD REASON. The tips/strategies/coping mechanisms just help you DEAL with things!

Where is the strength in that?

Wired to Win is a Life Strengthening  approach unlike any other.


We teach you there are 7 Laws of Human Performance.

No need for

  • Tips that don’t last

  • Theories hard to untangle

  • Vague concepts difficult to apply

The Laws are

  • Precise in their function

  • Predictable in their outcome

  • Undeniable in their existence

  • Provable!


Your belief in them is not required and your opinion of them is irrelevant!

Isn’t that great? You don’t have to believe in them for them to produce for you!

Is your life full of “Yeah but…?”

 Want more Confidence…..BUT?

 Want more money…..BUT?

 Want greater feeling of joy/happiness/relationships/better sports performance….BUT?

 Life would be great if only…(fill in the blank)…BUT...

If you’ve ever thought. “I want something BUT…” then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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Confidence replaced self-doubt


Clarity replaced doubt/negativity


Action replaced hesitation/Fear


 Live Coaching Packages are available to you–to fit your needs AND your budget. Live Coaching has been proven to be the most effective–CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE




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Why is Wired to Win™  so popular?


This System will save you 100’s or even thousands of dollars on books, CD’s, Workshops or other materials that offer tips, strategies, theories and concepts that give you sporadic results.


This system will save you precious time because its impact is quicker and more consistent.


Are you ready to WIN in your life?

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