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“Decision is the most important function of the individual mind. No creative process can begin until a decision is made.” – Raymond Charles Barker

Every life. Every sporting event. Every story told in film or written has a moment or series of moments that lead to the “game” being changed. Something happens, A person, place or event enters changing the flow and direction of the “game”,

Your life is just like that.

You want something to be different/better.

It’s the biggest obstacle between you and what you want


A decision to alter the game.    Coaching  is a process that guides you  beyond the BELIEFS–, habits, false assumptions and so on that generate the game you play now–the game you want to change. The nice sounding tips, tricks and gimmicks you try don’t really change the game either because…READ MORE HERE

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you”
Lao Tzu.
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The space between who you REALLY are and who you are when disconnected from it is where frustration, stress and self-doubt live.
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Erase the gap and confidence, harmony and inspiration are alive and well


Imagine being in the powerful rapids of the Colorado River and pointing your canoe UPSTREAM toward the rapids that are crashing toward you. Would you do that? Turn your canoe UPSTREAM and try paddle against the current?  THAT’S where all your frustration is!
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That sounds ridiculous right?
Well–this is exactly what we do in life!
CHANGE THE GAME AND put yourself in alignment with the power to make things happen–resistance melts away and you turn your canoe DOWNSTREAM where everything is better.
My focus is on guiding you to make clear, powerful and appealing DECISIONS  so you can STOP struggling upstream and know the peace, freedom and inspired action that results from “living DOWNSTREAM”
It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating!

You have all THE greatest tools at your finger tips

Unfortunately, 85% tell me they don’t know how to use those tools effectively!

WHEN you are in alignment with your new game it brings you:
  • Confidence

  • Power

  • Self-Reliance


  • Boundless joy

 Advanced Training for Advanced Results!

For individuals and teams ready to play a better game–build solid momentum to transform the way you live, work and play.

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The W2W E-learning Academy is Advanced Training because of its brilliant simplicity that brings you to the ROOT CAUSE SOLUTIONS that get you what you want in a way you never dreamed possible. You will love it.

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