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Wired to Win is a Life Enriching PERFORMANCE COACHING  approach unlike any other.

Traditional coaching models focus on SYMPTOMS–helping you “cope” with your so-called “problems”.  Wired to Win will NEVER  help you be a better “coper”. And here’s  why…(there’s a fantastic reason) Check out this 2 minute video


Now do you see why coping skills don’t help you be the BEST of who you are?

Stressed over money?

Lack Confidence?

Fear and Negativity hold you back?

Have a lot of knowledge but don’t apply it?

Life not what you want it to be?

 Do you realize we ALL live in a Law-Based universe? It’s true. Look at the natural laws that occur so easily that we take them for granted such as physics, planting and gravity. We don’t question their existence do we? No. Well…guess what? Everyone of us produces outcomes–wanted or unwanted–BY LAW–laws just as the natural world. Laws that are just as precise in their functioning, predictable in the  outcomes they produce, undeniable and provable!

When you learn them (as simple as gravity to understand) you use them to create more of what you want in your life. Just like any other of the natural laws we accept every day…these performance and creative laws produce results in your life–EVERY DAY!


Confidence replaced self-doubt


Clarity replaced doubt/negativity


Action replaced hesitation/Fear


So many people tell me they are frustrated with traditional coaching models. Frankly–so am I! But…I’ve got a secret to  tell you…






JUST 21 SHORT DAYS FROM TODAY…3 things will be true that are not true now. You can have:


1.  New Choices Will Change The Direction of  Your Life--All change begins with awareness. With Wired to Win™–you are not JUST aware…you make new choices right away in places you never thought you could  and you experience the power that comes with knowing how to create real change RIGHT NOW!


2.  Confidence. Confidence exudes from you and you become more definitive in your choices and in yourself! No fear or hesitation to hold you back.


3.  Focus–You know what to focus on and why. This allows you to begin producing more powerful and consistent results in your life in whatever area is most important to you!


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“To Know and NOT to Do, Is NOT TO KNOW”         Leo Buscalia




  Dear David, “Thanks for coming into my life David,  since I worked with you things started shifting from Zero to Hero, David, you helped me build a client base in one month that I never seemed to realize during 6 years!! I was clogged and losing a lot of energy. Now I am more conscious and have more energy, money, clients, success and promising relationship:-)) so if you’re wondering if you should call David, what are you waiting for my friend? is money an issue? well I looked at it as an investment and not as an expense and I made already 5 times the money that I put in!!! and it’s not finished yet!!! Contact David a call now and really transform your life or stay where you are and complain!”

 Sami Fakhreddinel  

Why is Wired to Win™  so popular?


It is a quick and easy to apply 7 Step System that will help you gain CONFIDENCE, REDUCE STRESS, QUICKLY MAKE MORE POWERFUL CHOICES and WAKE YOU UP to the life you want to live like nothing else can.


This System will save you 100’s or even thousands of dollars on books, CD’s, Workshops or other materials that offer tips, strategies, theories and concepts that give you sporadic results.


This system will save you precious time because its impact is quicker and more consistent.


If you’re like me you’ve compiled a lot of information through books, CD’s, Workshops and free online stuff but somehow the things that block you are STILL in your path. I’ve talked to a lot of people and I checked out a ton of “personal development” and peak performance products and services over the years—


Know what I came up with?


A lot of knowledge, tips, concepts and theories and symptom relievers.


Did my life  get better?


A little but not with the consistency I wanted


If you truly want to experience real change in a real simple way (you won’t believe it) and the freedom to be your best every day—Wired to Win™ is the key.

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What Makes Wired to Win so Unique?


 No Psychology


 No Quick-Fix Tips


 No nice sounding Theories or Concepts


No SYMPTOM Chasing!




Everyone’s results in life ares governed by LAW. Simple, undeniable, PROVABLE Law. You cannot escape it and you cannot change it. They require no tips to remember, no strategies to apply and they are no theories or concepts to figure out. As simple as the law of physics or gravity to understand, you will think, feel and do things differently immediately. Learn them and everything changes. Your belief in the Performance Laws is not required and your opinion of them is irrelevant. They govern your outcomes either way. I know that’s a big statement and I’ll prove it!


Who Benefits From Wired to Win ?


Anyone who wants to experience more freedom, confidence, power and consistency and increase personal success, money flow, improve relationships, and quickly move past fear and self-doubt.


In Session#1 you will learn to raise your awareness (even if you think you are already aware) to such a level that you will make more powerful CHOICES, feel more CONFIDENCE and STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS.


In Session #2 you will learn how to stop losing energy, BE MORE ENERGIZED, FEEL MORE BALANCED AND significantly REDUCE STRESS AND GAIN CONFIDENCE EVERY DAY




The upcoming Sessions you will:


Move past FEAR and SELF-DOUBT more easily than you ever thought you could


 Break free from EMOTIONAL and HABITUAL blocks to make the best CHOICES in every moment


 Move Through Adversity With Ease–letting go of negativity quickly as well as other blocks on your path



You are much closer to getting what you want than you think!


Watch This Video and find out why change has been frustrating!


Are you ready to live in Circle 2—beginning today?


Is it really that simple?




David, I ordered your online audio version of Wired to Win. I’ve tried more than my share of personal development programs in the past so naturally, I was skeptical. I’ve got to tell you though, nothing impacted me or lasts as long as the laws you teach. I couldn’t believe how fast things started to change for me. There’s nothing on the market like it. Thank you, David!”


Donald Jenson


How can one Program do all this without a single Tip, Theory or Psychology?


Because the LAWS function the same for everyone and it doesn’t matter where you apply them. You will see results! We already know that tips don’t last. The LAWS will function today, next week, next year and 20 years from now!




This is the only Personal Development improvement program on the market of its kind




After years of struggling with my own self-doubt that affected every area of my life—I discovered ALL HUMAN BEINGS and the outcomes we get in life (and DON’T get) are governed BY LAW!. That’s right—BY LAW.


I don’t mean esoteric or “way out there” confusing stuff–I mean clear, precise, unavoidable, predictable in their outcomes and PROVABLE Law


All they do is produce an outcome—a result—an experience. They do this no matter what you or I believe and they are working no matter what your age, personality type, gender or skill/experience level! No need for tips, strategies, confusing theories or concepts either. The Laws get it done much easier.


How great is that?



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What Do You Get?


9 Full Length Audios


9 Study Guides


3 Bonus Gifts


30 Day Guarantee


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 Wired to Win® is available to you in 3 Ways:


1.  LIVE Private Coaching-–Highest value with personal attention via phone, skype or face to face if in my area.


Here’s what you get:

  • 10 Private Session

  • 3 Additional Private Sessions at any future time

  • The Full Wired to Win Audio Program—for ongoing learning and retention

  • Discounted rates for any additional sessions

Contact me HERE to learn more about rates and available times.


2.  LIVE Group Coaching–up to  65% less  than private coaching--you learn the same content as one on one coaching and with LIVE conversation/interaction.


Here’s what you get:

  • 10 LIVE Sessions

  •   1 Additional PRIVATE SESSION

  •  The Wired to Win Audio Program for extended Learning and retention

  •   Discounted rates for any additional sessions

To learn more about reasonable rates and Group Session times/dates, go HERE


3.  Wired to Win® online Audio. Same 7 Laws and insights. Most economical without the live interaction. Orders yours below!


Listen to some excerpts from Wired to Win™



9 Audios, 9 Study Guides, 5 Bonus Gifts and a 30-Day Guarantee.


How does it get any better than this?


What are you waiting for? This is the only place you can get WIRED TO WIN™




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This program focuses the 7 Laws to improve:

  • Finances

  • Personal Success

  • Relationships

  • Health




    Are you ready to WIN in your life?